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Contents of the handbook CD-ROM

The Managers Who Lead CD-ROM, developed by Management Sciences for Health, offers a comprehensive set of resources that managers, facilitators, and workshop participants can use to improve leading and managing skills. The handbook CD-ROM accompanies the print publication Managers Who Lead: A Handbook for Improving Health Services. The materials on this CD-ROM are designed to help managers generate commitment in their work groups and organization and build their capacity to reach results together. These materials are for noncommercial use only.

Contents of the handbook CD-ROM

The CD-ROM includes the entire contents of the book Managers Who Lead as well as many supplementary materials referred to in the book.

Handbook contents

The complete contents of the handbook are provided by chapter. The toolkit may be downloaded in one file, or each of the 38 exercises may be downloaded individually.

Key models and principles for leading and managing

Key models and principles described in the handbook support MSH's approach to leading and managing teams to achieve results. This CD-ROM includes these models and principles as separate files for easy access.

Leadership Development Program Guide

The Leadership Development Program Guide organizes the key leading and managing concepts and toolkit exercises into a process for developing managers who lead. Managers and facilitators can use the guide to learn about this process or adapt this field-tested program to meet the needs of managers at all levels in their own organizations.

Supplementary reading—The Manager

You will find 26 related issues of The Manager, MSH's continuing education quarterly, on topics such as decentralization, HIV/AIDS, human capacity development, leadership, and resource mobilization.

Assessment tools

Selected assessment tools and links to tools are available for gauging your organization's management needs, work climate, and authority for different functions within the health system.

Other resources are available on The Manager's Electronic Resource Center (ERC) at The ERC provides practical answers to management questions, easy-to-use tools, information on effective management practices, and reviews of recent management trends. For more information, please visit the ERC Web site at or send an email to

Funding for the Managers Who Lead CD-ROM was provided by the Office of Population and Reproductive Health, Bureau for Global Health, US Agency for International Development, under the terms of the Management and Leadership Program, award number HRN-A-00-00-00014-00. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and editors and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID.

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