P13 - Building WAHO’s Institutional Capacity


This Strategic Plan is being developed against the background of the institutional reform of ECOWAS, the existence of international health commitments, regional priorities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. However, WAHO is facing challenges of limited human and financial resources, lack of institutional communication, use of information and communication technology and coordination of regional interventions, which calls for...

P12 - Technical and Financial Partnerships and Harmonisation of Policies


One of the essential characteristics of the regional health situation is the presence of several stakeholders in countries and in the region. The lack of an effective mechanism to coordinate partner interventions in the countries and in the region, can impair the use of resources by the various stakeholders in finding solutions to the health problems of the populations....

P11 - Technical Assistance to Member States


The national health systems of the ECOWAS countries face difficulties such as the low capacity for the development, implementation and evaluation of strategies; shortage of qualified personnel at all levels of the health pyramid; weakness in logistics management and institutional development. As part of its mandate, WAHO has provided technical assistance to Member States in these areas. However, this...

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