WAHO At Global Health Security Inaugural International Conference in Sydney


WAHO At Global Health Security Inaugural International Conference in Sydney

Sydney, June 19 - 20, 2019 – The Global Health Security inaugural International Conference started today, June 19, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. WAHO is represented by its Director General, Prof Stanley OKOLO, the Director of the Department Public Health and Research, Dr Carlos BRITO, the Executive Assistant of the DG, Mrs. Yvonne CARVER, and the Projects Management Unit General Coordinator, Mr. Césaire AHANHANZO.

The meeting intends to measure progress, determine gaps, and identify new opportunities to enhance national, regional and global health security and to formulate a promise for the future: “The Sydney Statement on Global Health Security”. It brings together stakeholders working in global health security across the world.

The Sydney Statement will capture the boldest and most strategic thinking of governments, international organisations, civil society, scholars, and private industry to chart the future direction for managing and improving health outcomes. It will couple these ideas with commitments from partners to accelerate the necessary changes, and it will provide an opportunity for organisations and individuals to formulate their own promise to improve the outcomes of Global epidemics and health crises.

At this global meeting, the Director General will moderate a panel on June 20, on the regional and “One-health” aspects of the Regional Diseases Surveillance Systems Enhancement (REDISSE) Program. A panel in which WAHO will stress the successes and challenges in promoting inter-country collaboration, resource sharing and collective action in West Africa. The DG will also seize the opportunity to exchange with partners on the challenges and priorities in West Africa, and network with other regional health organizations.


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