Press Release

Highlighting some of WAHO’s contributions towards mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region

Other contributions Convening of Ministerial Coordinating Committee meetings for developing harmonized COVID-19 response protocol and enhance communication, coordination and collaboration needed for mitigating the effects of the pandemic. Raising funds for COVID-19 regional response efforts far surpassing the target amount of $51 million US dollars with the support of partners, and internal funding. WAHO recommended a harmonized approach, related to...

WAHO and WHO-AFRO Collaboration in Action

The West Africa Health Organization (WAHO) and the World Health Organization in the African Region have mapped out key areas of collaboration to improve health in the West African sub-region, with emphasis placed on strengthening national level workforce with the technical, operational and logistical know-how to rapidly respond to health emergencies, surveillance, laboratory capacity on diagnosis and genomic sequencing along...
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