The health systems of the countries are now faced with enormous challenges including low capacity for planning, monitoring and evaluation, coordination, organization, supervision, regulation, definition of standards and health information management systems. This affects the efficient management of health services and negatively impacts the quality of service and overall performance of health systems.

Problem Statement 

The weakness of the organization and management of health services limits the performance of health systems.

Programme Objective

Contribute to improving governance of the health systems

Programme Outcomes 

Governance of the health system improved.

Components of the Programme

  • Management and administration of the health system
  • Health system reforms
  •  Regulation of the health sector
  • Accountability

Specific Objectives

  • Improvement of the organisation and management of the health system
  • Strengthening regulation of the health sector
  • Strengthening coordination mechanisms
  • Strengthening accountability

Major Interventions

  • Hospital reforms
  • Development of health system profile
  • Strengthening health platforms ;
  • Development of performance management tools
  • Development of of control, audit, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms
  • Strengthening capacities in advocacy
  • Development of accreditation and certification mechanisms
  • Establishment of a system of accountability in the health systems

Intermediate Outcomes

  • Network of reference hospitals established in the region
  • Functioning and management of the reference hospitals evaluated
  • Legislative and regulatory texts of hospitals adapted and available;
  • Packages of essential services and nomenclature of health facilities harmonized
  • Standards, procedures and operating standards for the accreditation and certification of health facilities implemented
  • Health system profile developed
  • A system of accountability established


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