This Strategic Plan is being developed against the background of the institutional reform of ECOWAS, the existence of international health commitments, regional priorities and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. However, WAHO is facing challenges of limited human and financial resources, lack of institutional communication, use of information and communication technology and coordination of regional interventions, which calls for strengthening the institutional capacity of WAHO.

Problem Statement     

The current institutional capacity of WAHO limits the effective pusuit of its mission.

Programme Objective

Strengthen WAHO’s institutional capacity

Programme Outcomes

Institutional capacity of WAHO strengthened

Programme Components 

  • Strengthening management capacities 
  • Institutional communication.

Specific Objectives 

  • Improve the mechanism for planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Improve administrative and resource management
  • Enhance WAHO’s visibility
  • Strengthen internal communication.

Major Interventions  

  • Consolidation of the mechanism for planning and programming
  • Strengthening monitoring and evaluation
  • Strengthening human resources
  • Strengthening  financial management
  • Strengthening logistics
  • Promotion of WAHO’s achievements
  • Strengthening internal and external communication.
  • Pursuing the re-organisation of WAHO

Intermediate Outcomes   

  • Projects and programmes management unit created
  • Internal planning, programming and monitoring and evaluation better coordinated
  •  Capacities of WAHO in planning and monitoring and evaluation improved
  • WAHO actors in planning, monitoring and evaluation equipped
  • Plan for human resource development developed and implemented
  • Tools for the utilisation of the contracts code standardized  
  • WAHO’s intellectual property policy developed
  • Internal and external communication strengthened
  • Handbook for administrative and financial management developed,
  • Plan for construction/rehabilitation of buildings developed and implemented
  • Computerization blueprint revised and implemented
  • WAHO’s equipment plan developed and implemented
  • Annual report on West Africa’s health status developed and disseminated
  • Annual report on WAHO’s activities developed and disseminated
  • WAHO’s web site updated
  • Relations with the media strengthened
  • WAHO better known to political, scientific community, partners and the public
  • Proposal for a new organogram reviewed and validated


West African Health Organization
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