Title of the project: Sahel Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases (SMNTD)

Geographical coverage:

  • Burkina Faso (20 districts: Nouna, Solenzo,Toma , Tougan, Banfora, Sindou, Bogande, Diapaga, Fada n'gourma, Ggayeri, Dande, Do, Orodara, Ouahigouya, Titao, Djibo, Dori, Gorom-gorom and Sebba)
  • Mali (19 districts: Sikasso, Kadiolo, Koutiala, Yorosso, Tominian, Bankass, Koro, Douentza, Gourma-Rharous, Ansongo, Menaka, Tin Essako, Bougouni, Yanfolila, Kita et Kolondiéba, Yelimané, Tombouctou, Kati)
  • Niger (17 districts: Say, Ilela, Filingué, Kollo, Tera, Zinder, Matameye, Mayahi, Aguie, Mirriah, Madarounfa, Guidan-Roumdji, Magaria, Boboye, Gaya, Tchin Tabaraden et Birnin Konni) 

Start date: 7 October 2015 (but was official launched in Bamako, Mali on 16 July 2016)                    

Effectiveness date: 3 May 2016

End date: 31 December 2020

Total budget: 121 Million USD out of which 10 Million to WAHO

Project development objective: Increase access to and use of harmonized community-level services for the prevention and treatment of malaria and selected neglected tropical diseases in targeted border areas.


  • C1: Improve regional collaboration for stronger results across countries
  • C2: Support malaria and NTD service delivery in border areas
  • C3: Strengthen institutional capacity to coordinate and monitor implementation.

Regional Coordination:

  • CR1 : West African Health Organization (WAHO) 
  • CR2 : World Health Organization (WHO) 
  • CR3 : Centrale d’Achat des Médicaments Essentiels Génériques (CAMEG) Burkina Faso (Central Medical Store) 
  • CR4 : Other Regional institutions/Agencies

Implementing Agencies:

  • CR1 : West African Health Organization (WAHO) for regional coordination
  • CR2 : World Health Organization (WHO) for technical assistance to countries
  • CR3 : Centrale d’Achat des Médicaments Essentiels Génériques (CAMEG) Burkina Faso (Central Medical Store) (for bulk purchases)
  • CR4 : Regional research institutions

2016-2020 Strategic Plan Programs to which the project contributes:

  • P1: Health Information and Research for Health;
  • P2: Disease Control;
  • P5 : Medicines, Vaccines and other Health Products;
  • P7: Maternal, child, adolescent, youth health including the aged;
  • P10 : Human Resources  for Health;
  • P11: Technical assistance to Member States;
  • P12: Technical and financial cooperation and policy harmonization.
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