The health situation in the region is characterized by poor integration of the social determinants of health in development strategies and policies. The main elements are education, hygiene and basic sanitation, nutrition, communication for behavioural change, multi-sectoral collaboration, access to potable water, climate change and household incomes. In addition there is weak ownership of health programmes by communities.

Problem Statement       

The low inclusion of social determinants of health limits the effectiveness of health programs.

Programme Objective  

Contribute to strengthening health promotion in development policies in the Member States.

Programme Outcomes  

Health promotion interventions systematically integrated into development policies and health systems

Programme Components 

  • Behavioural change
  • Empowerment and accountability of communities
  • Promotion of  a favourable health environment 
  • Promotion of multisectoral collaboration

Specific Objectives 

  • Support strategies for behavioural change
  • Strengthen the process of effective and sustainable decentralization/deconcentration of health issues
  • Promote healthy life styles Strengthen multisectoral collaboration

Major Interventions  

  • Development of behavioural change communication
  • Development/review of policy documents that include social determinants of health
  • Supporting capcity building of local governments /communities for effective empowerment and accountability.
  • Strenghtening water, hygiene and sanittion programmes.
  • Development of  multisectoral collaborative programmes

Intermediate Outcomes   

  • Programmes of communication for behavioural change impelemented
  • Policy documents that include social determinants of health available
  • Health integrated into regional and national development policies
  • Capacities of local govenments /communities in health built.
  • Programmes for water, hygiene and sanitation strengthened.
  • Multisectoral collaborative programmes developed
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