The national health systems of the ECOWAS countries face difficulties such as the low capacity for the development, implementation and evaluation of strategies; shortage of qualified personnel at all levels of the health pyramid; weakness in logistics management and institutional development. As part of its mandate, WAHO has provided technical assistance to Member States in these areas. However, this is insufficient and uncoordinated.

Problem Statement     

Technical assitance provided by WAHO has been insufficient and uncoordinated, and therefore has not been able to meet the needs of Member States.

Programme Objective

Contribute to the improvement of management and logistic capacities of Member States

Programme outcomes

Coordinated technical assistance that meets national and regional priorities

Programme Components

  • Management support
  • Logistics support

Specific Objectives 

  • Enhance the capacities of Member States in the developoment of strategic documents
  • Build the capacity of Member States to develop projects and mobilize ressources
  • Build the operational capacities of Member States.

Major Interventions  

  • Supporting the development of strategic documents
  • Supporting resource mobilization
  • Supporting human resource developments, and provision of materials and equipment.

Intermediate Outcomes   

  • Strategic documents developed or updated
  • Project and programme documents developed
  • Financial resources mobilized by and for Member States
  • Human resources available to Member States
  • Medical equipment, materials, medicines, vaccines and consumables available to Member States.


West African Health Organization
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