One of the essential characteristics of the regional health situation is the presence of several stakeholders in countries and in the region. The lack of an effective mechanism to coordinate partner interventions in the countries and in the region, can impair the use of resources by the various stakeholders in finding solutions to the health problems of the populations. Similarly, it is worth mentioning the difficulties encountered in coordinating WAHO interventions in countries and the inadequacy of strategic partnerships. Furthermore, the health systems of the region are marked by differences in health policies, standards and legislation.

Problem Statement       

The weak synergy of actions of actors and the differences in health policies, norms and legislation limit resource mobilization and access to health care in the ECOWAS region.

Programme Objective

Strengthen strategic partnerships and policy harmonization

Programme Outcomes

Coordination of interventions improved and, regional policies, norms and legislation implemented

Programme Components 

  • Coordination of partner interventions
  • Promotion of partnerships
  • Resource mobilisation
  • Health financing
  • Policy harmonization.

Specific Objectives   

  • Strengthen mechanisms for the coordination of interventions
  • Strengthen multi-sectoral dialogue and collaboration with partners
  • Contribute to the increase in financial resources allocated to the health sector
  • Pursue advocacy and political dialogue with Member States
  • Implement regional health policies, norms and legislation.

Major Interventions  

  • Establishment of a regional framework for consultation with partners
  • Strengthening the intervention framework of the private health sector
  • Development of public-private partnerships 
  • Promotion of health cooperation among Member States
  • Pursuing advocacy for implementation of the Abuja Declaration
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of progress of universal health coverage policies
  • Development and implementation of harmonized policies and legislation 
  • Development and implementation of harmonized norms and standards.


Intermediate Outcomes     

  • A regional map of partners’ interventions available and updated
  • Intervention framework of private health sector strengthened
  • Framework document on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) available and implemented
  • Health programmes that bring together several countries inluding the private sector financed and implemented
  • Allocation of 15% of national budgets to health is effective in Member States
  • Harmonized policies and legislation developed and applied
  • Harmonised norms and standards at the regional level developed and applied.


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